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The Gus Lancaster Award

Previously known as the Gus Lancaster Memorial Award, this award is given annually to a MAPS member who has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the advancement of aerophilately.

Dedicated to Gus Lancaster who was an ardent collector and promoter of aerophilately in all its forms. He was a charter member of the MACC, Metropolitan Air Mail Cover Club, that later became MAPS. As an officer of the society, and especially as bulletin editor he was responsible for the widespread popularity of collecting airport dedication covers amongst other airmail topics.

Gus had a very wide knowledge of aerophilatelic matters, so much so that other editors would call upon him to provide gems from his vast philatelic knowledge. He joined the AAMS in 1934 as Life Member #40 and until his untimely death, following an automobile accident in 1960, Gus was one of those people one quickly learned to like and in whom one had the utmost confidence.

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The William Turner Memorial Award

An award instituted in 2006 in memory of William "Bill" Turner, MAPS past president. Bill was a co-editor of the FAM Section of Volume 3 of the AAMS catalogue. He was ever eager to share his extensive knowledge of FAM routes and WWII air mail history with his fellow air mail enthusiasts, and inspired them to continue further study and exhibition in that aerophilatelic specialty.

A certificate and plaque is awarded each year at The Philatelic Show in Boxborough MA .for the best exhibit concerning air mail activities during the period 1932 - 1946, the pre WWII and WWII era.


The Evolution of Airmail Service Between Bermuda and the U.S. - 1925 - 1939

John A. Par


Expansion of U.S. Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1922 - 1941)

Murray Abramson


Expansion of U.S. Airmail to Foreign Destinations

Murray Abramson


Pan American Airways Transatlantic Airmail Routes - 1939-1945

Bill Fort


not awarded


not awarded



Fred Dietz


FAM 14: 19351941

William Drummond


Cristobal, CZ: Air Mail Hub to Latin America

Alan Bentz


Alan Bentz (left) is presented with
the 2006 William Turner Memorial Award by Fred Dietz,
MAPS President


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