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The Gus Lancaster Award

Previously known as the Gus Lancaster Memorial Award, this award is given annually to a MAPS member who has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the advancement of aerophilately.

Dedicated to Gus Lancaster who was an ardent collector and promoter of aerophilately in all its forms. He was a charter member of the MACC, Metropolitan Air Mail Cover Club, that later became MAPS. As an officer of the society, and especially as bulletin editor he was responsible for the widespread popularity of collecting airport dedication covers amongst other airmail topics.

Gus had a very wide knowledge of aerophilatelic matters, so much so that other editors would call upon him to provide gems from his vast philatelic knowledge. He joined the AAMS in 1934 as Life Member #40 and until his untimely death, following an automobile accident in 1960, Gus was one of those people one quickly learned to like and in whom one had the utmost confidence.

Recipients of the Gus Lancaster Award

Chester Browning - 2021

Charles Nelson - 2018

Mark Banchik - 2017

Larry Weirather - 2016

Alan Lieberman - 2015

Mark Tyx - 2014

Janice Weinstock received the 2012 Lancaster Award

Bob Wilcsek received the 2011 Lancaster Award

Greg Schmidt & Jon Krupnick received the 2010 Lancaster Award

Fred & Dorothy Dietz received the 2009 Lancaster Award

Derrick Pillage received the 2008 Lancaster Award


MAPS President Ken Sanford presenting Gus Lancaster Award to Chester Browning 21 Sep. 2021


MAPS President Ken Sanford presenting Gus Lancaster Award to Charles Nelson May 2018


Allen Klein (right) is presented with
the Gus Lancaster Award by Ernie Wheeler
with Ken Sanford, Philip Stager and Alan Bentz
during Aerophilately 2007


Phil McCarty - 2006

Alan Bentz - 2007

Allen Klein - 2008

A.D. Don Jones - 2005

Dick Malott - 2004

Don Lussky - 2003

Karl Winkelmann - 2002

Cheryl Ganz - 2000

Roland Kohl - 1999

Ken Reid - 1997

Bill Turner - 1998

Robert Spooner - 1996

William "Wild Bill" Kaufmann - 1995

George Sioras - 1994

E. P. "Pat" Sloan - 1993

Robert Miller - 1992

Dan Barber - 1988

John L. Johnson, Jr. - 1985

Michael Stone

& Fred Wellman - 1990

Paul Dinger - 1989

Herman Kerst - 1987

Joseph Nagl - 1979

Kendall Sanford - 1986

Stephen Reinhard - 1975

Thomas Dittrich - 1984

William Miller - 1983

Edward Lettick - 1980

Robert Schoendorf - 1981

Louis Fischbach - 1976

William Bolle - 1978

Robert Haring - 1974

Michael P. Codd - 1973

Harry Gordon 1971

Harold Frankel - 1970

William T. Wynn, Jr. - 1975

Samuel Goldsticker, Jr. - 1972

Harry Levine - 1969

Philip Silver - 1982


Alan Bentz (right) is presented with
the 2006 Gus Lancaster Award by Fred Deitz,
MAPS President


2005 Gus Lanscaster Award - Don Jones

A.D. "Don" Jones (left) is presented with the 2005 Gus Lancaster Award
by Karl Winkelmann, previous recipient of the award


2004 Gus Lanscaster Award - Dick Malott

2004 Gus Lancaster Award recipient Dick Malott


2003 Gus Lancaster Award recipient Don Lusky

2003 Gus Lancaster Award recipient Don Lusky (center)
with Joe Nagl (Summer Picnic MAPS Meeting host) &
Fred Dietz (MAPS President)


Karl Winkelmann being presented with the
2002 Gus Lancaster Award by Fred Dietz


Cheryl Ganz receiving Lancaster award from Bob Outlaw

Bob Outlaw presenting Cheryl Ganz with the 2000 Gus Lancaster Award

Updated 3 Oct. 2021
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