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THAMESPEX 2019 scheduled for 20 Oct., Clark Lane Middle School, 105 Clark Lane, Waterford, Connecticut. The MAPS Meeting will start at 1:00 p.m.

The Metropolitan Air Post Society of New York, MAPS, is a non-profit association of aerophilatelists. We started as the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club, MACC, in 1941. We still collect covers as souvenirs of memorable air mail and aviation events. However, our emphasis has changed over the years and we are increasingly interested in air post history, and the development of aviation, airlines and air mail services.

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We changed our name to the Metropolitan Air Post Society to better reflect our growing interest in air post and the related study of stamps and markings on items delivered by air. MAPS is a chapter of the American Air Mail Society, AAMS, and an affiliate of the APS.

The original membership of MACC was primarily in the Metropolitan New York area but our geographic scope has expanded. It is now common to have members from five or six Northeastern states in attendance at meetings. In addition, we have members from many other parts of the United States of America and from several countries of the world including, Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. We also hold society meetings at national and international aerophilatelic events.

USS Akron covers with coloured
etiquettes !!

The most popular aspect of our meetings is a show & tell where members bring material or photocopies and discuss an aspect of the items shown. We continue this with online Show & Tell .

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Our quarterly bulletin covers a wide variety of aerophilatelic subjects and is included in the membership subscription of $10.00 per annum for which an application is available online.

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