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The next meeting will be at Philatelic Show, Boxborough, MA on Saturday April 13, 2024.  The show will be from 12 to 14 April, and the American Air Mail Society will also be holding its annual convention during the show.


AIR CRASH MAIL OF THE WORLD, Edited by Ken Sanford


This mammoth work is a complete revision and update of “Recovered Mail” by Henri Nierinck, and the American Air Mail Catalogue (AAMC), Sixth Edition, Vol. 1, Interrupted Flights section.  It covers all known air crashes from which mail has been recovered and is recorded in collectors’ hands.  Over 2,400 pages and 1600 illustrations of cachets, labels, post office memos, and crash markings, many in full color.  Pricing has been brought up to date, to reflect the current market.  Prices are based on US$.  Available on a flash drive which can be plugged into a USB port.  It is in both PDF & Word format. 


This update the Nierinck catalog and the AAMC has been in the works for the last few years.  Many people have been involved in it, from typing in the original Nierinck text to providing cover & cachet illustrations.  Many of the cachets are now shown on covers in color, whereas previously they were simply black & white illustrations of cachets.  A great effort has been made to add crashes and cachets which were not previously listed by Nierinck or the AAMC.


It could be said that this project originated with the formation of the Wreck & Crash Mail Society back in 1994. Certainly, many of the members of that Society have contributed information and scans. The writer of this review has been constantly involved since 2015 and can attest to the superhuman effort invested by Ken Sanford in terms of energy, time, persistence and patience. The late Henri Nierinck would have been thrilled to have been the catalyst who inspired Ken to embark on and complete this phenomenal project.


The sheer size of this work precluded publication in book form. The advantage of the digital format is that it is easy to make amendments and additions. Assuming that enough of those collectors who purchase the flash drive send feedback to the Editor, it is intended to periodically make available a revised flash drive. Updates please to 


This will be the standard work on the subject, if not in perpetuity, certainly for decades.


Price of flash drive: To the USA - US$32.00; To all other countries – US$34.00 - UKŁ28.00 - Euro €31.50 (postage included) 


Order from: Ken Sanford, 613 Championship Dr., Oxford, CT – USA 06478-3128.  Make checks payable to American Air Mail Society, or PayPal to and add $1.70, UKŁ1.45 or €1.60



Airpost Journal

Jack Knight Air Log

Ken Sanford's Air Mail Crash Covers

The Metropolitan Air Post Society, MAPS, is a non-profit association of aerophilatelists. We started as the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club, MACC, in 1941. We still collect covers as souvenirs of memorable air mail and aviation events. However, our emphasis has changed over the years and we are increasingly interested in air post history, and the development of aviation, airlines and air mail services.

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We changed our name to the Metropolitan Air Post Society to better reflect our growing interest in air post and the related study of stamps and markings on items delivered by air. MAPS is a chapter of the American Air Mail Society, AAMS, and an affiliate of the APS.

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The original membership of MACC was primarily in the Metropolitan New York area but our geographic scope has expanded. It is now common to have members from five or six Northeastern states in attendance at meetings. In addition, we have members from many other parts of the United States of America and from several countries of the world including, Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. We also hold society meetings at national and international aerophilatelic events.

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The most popular aspect of our meetings is a show & tell where members bring material or photocopies and discuss an aspect of the items shown. We continue this with online Show & Tell that is NOW ACTIVE.

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Our quarterly bulletin covers a wide variety of aerophilatelic subjects and is included in the membership subscription of $10.00 per annum for which an application is available online.

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HELP WANTED - Additional information needed about specific items that will be included in the FAM Section of AAMC

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