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Ed Lettick R.I.P. - 30 May, 2002

Although I knew Ed for only fifteen years or so it seems to me he was an important figure in U.S. aerophilately in terms of the airmail society offices he held, his acclaimed exhibits, honors received, contributions to the AAMS Catalogues, expertise in numerous air mail specialties such as U.S. Pioneer, Philippine, Canada, etc. and seminars that he conducted. I can't enumerate even a fraction of Ed's specific achievements and contributions to our community during the half century he was active in aerophilately. But I would like to offer the following in remembrance of a good and steadfast friend.

"Ed Lettick was an established, internationally recognized, and honored aerophilatelists long before I met him, circa 1986-88. Then, our association was one of a "rookie" air mail enthusiast in his sixties questioning the airmail "pro" in his seventies about U.S. Pioneer airmail. Ed welcomed my queries about air mail and was always willing, even eager, to share with me his broad and accurate knowledge of its history. And he was equally prepared to point out the inaccurate air mail "histories", too. These he would roundly condemn, often stridently, sometimes publicly, but always deservedly. Ed knew air mail! And one soon knew that what Ed knew about air mail was really worth knowing, the facts as well as the folklore.

We became good friends and I valued my friendship with this gruff and direct, but a principled, honest, and generous fellow; a man to take a stand and keep his word. He held high office in the AAMS, AFA, and MAPS, and remained thereafter an active stalwart for each society despite his ongoing battle with several life threatening illnesses any of which should have been reason for him to still his activities. Ed wasn't a man to stay still.

He exhibited nationally and internationally, garnered Grand Awards at the shows, was elected to the AAMS Hall of Fame, and twice received the MAPS Gus Lancaster Prize. He contributed to the production and publication of the AAMS Catalogues. In all, Ed Lettick, for half a century, was a consummate aerophilatelist.

Ed's contributions and achievements are not to be forgotten, but I'll remember him as my forthright friend who, with untiring and infectious enthusiasm shared his encyclopedic knowledge of air mail history with me so that its study became a compelling interest and continuing source of pleasure for me.

Fred Dietz

Ed suffered from diabetes, various cancers, partial blindness, and a heart condition. He was in and out of hospital almost continuously but never stopped researching different facets of air mail history. Up to the time of the stroke just before his death he was examining covers purportedly carried as air mail by the U.S. Army in 1934.

In September 2001, we brought MAPS to Ed with a MAPS meeting to his house and this was the last time some of us saw him. We had a fine time and shall miss his great contribution to aerophilately.

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